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Your invitation cards will be the first impression of your wedding day!

We are designing and producing your invitations according to your requirements.

Every detail of your invitations will be determining the final cost. For that, we are unable to give a price list service. If you want to hire us to create your visions, please fill in the form below and kindly write all the details that you dream about your cards and envelopes. 

Please note that regardless to the amount of your cards, our clients invest minimum

$750,00 for their custom stationery. This pricing depends on the design complexity that is required.

How to order your invitations


~Select Your Collection~

Decide on which collection is best for you.

We have semi-custom and fully custom collections. 

If budget is your priority, please select the semi-custom 




~Fill The Inquiry Form~

Upon your choice, you will be directed to an inquiry form

to submit. Each couples requirements are unique and by this form we will give you an accurate

price and understand your requirements better. To have a background about what you need, a review to our Instagram feed will be helpful. 



~Review Your Proposal~

Regarding to your selections on the form, a proposal will be sent to you within 2 days. Once your proposal is approved, you will be directed to sign a contract and expected to submit deposit payment to book your spot on our agenda. With your approval, we will have a consultation call for further details.



~Design & Revisions~

Depending on your timeline, your first draft will be sent to you regarding to your selections and our consultation. We will have revisions up to 4. We will finalize the design to your taste on time.




Once the final design is approved, we will start the production and assembly. The production time-line depends on the details and embellishments required. We will be in touch during the production process and will let you know when it is over.


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